Caliber Solutions
Industry veterans with broad experience across the Technology Ecosystem.
Caliber is a hybrid consulting firm, part technology consulting and part lifecycle support for our clients.

Technology is evolving at a pace never seen before which is making it essential for companies to have a trusted advisor.
Who are you taking your technology guidance from?


Caliber Solutions

Industry leaders with broad experience across the Technology Ecosystem. Caliber is a hybrid consulting firm, technology consulting and lifecycle management.

Technology Consulting
We are a consulting firm known for challenging the status quo by asking tough questions, listening, digging in and getting our hands dirty. We are fact-driven and action-oriented. Our advisory services move our clients forward from their current state to their desired future state.

Lifecycle Management
Caliber’s Operational Support team helps with the heavy lifting. Each step of the service provider’s process is identified in advance and executed through predetermined milestones with complete transparency. The regular cadence of implementation calls, information transfer and tracking of projects is something Caliber will hold service providers accountable to so that you don’t have to. This model allows Caliber to work in your best interest, while allowing your team to focus on their day job.

Solutions Approach
Our approach starts with understanding your desired business outcomes. Give us your toughest problem and we will invest Caliber team members to work as an extension of your team to help solve that problem. Caliber will recommend solutions so that you can make informed decisions. You never sign a contract with Caliber! Instead, we demonstrate value and earn your trust every day by doing the following:

1. Eliminate Waste in the IT Budget – We will work with you to identify immediate areas across the IT Ecosystem to save money.

2. Identify Efficiencies – We work closely with you, sharing knowledge and insight, so that you can shape your technology roadmap and become more agile as your company grows.

3. Ease Commerce with your Service Providers – Working with service providers is necessary but can be very frustrating and time consuming. We have relationships with over 150 service providers. We know how to navigate the service provider model and get things done! From competitive pricing and project implementation to support and lifecycle management Caliber will make life much easier for you.

4. Help NOT Sell – We are consultants committed to finding the right solutions, not selling. We don’t have products, just people that don’t carry sales quotas.

Sounds Too Good
to be True

Caliber is self-funded, so there is never a cost to our clients to utilize Caliber’s consulting and lifecycle management teams to help Run & Grow their business.

About Caliber

A True Partnership
Caliber was created with the intent of seamlessly linking operations, performance improvement and value creation to help companies turn areas of stagnation into growth to achieve sustainable results. This ethos serves as the core of our firm.

We don’t have products or services, just people
Caliber works closely with clients to provide key knowledge and insight across the technology ecosystem. Our clients use that knowledge and insight to help them create value and achieve sustainable results.

The Constant in the Equation
The client and service provider ecosystems are fluid and ever changing. These changes make it very difficult for the client and service provider to stay current and actively engaged. Caliber serves as the constant, providing a dynamic engagement between the client and the service provider for sourcing and lifecycle management.

One Hand to High-Five
The term “one throat-to-choke” is often used in the client-service provider vernacular because the client is looking for someone to own the customer experience, but no one ever does. Caliber offers “One Hand to High-Five” because we will inspect what we expect from each service provider and operate as an extension of your team throughout the engagement. Our life cycle management practice mitigates the endless disruption of service provider account team turnover.


Solution Portfolios

  • Cloud and Security
  • Mobility and IoT
  • Telephony: UCaaS/CCaaS, SDWAN, Internet
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Venues: 5G, CBRS, WiFi-6, DAS, Towers


Cloud – Platform, Infrastructure, Software and Security

Securely Access any Application from anywhere at any Time with any Device

The explosive growth of connected devices and data consumption is driving the need to reconsider how data is being handled, processed, and delivered. Businesses want their focus to be on acquiring customers and developing products and services that create value.


Mobility and IoT

STOP the Mobile Chaos – Reduce the Complexity of Mobility

Demands and reliance on mobile communications are growing exponentially. The complexities related to mobile deployments, management, and security require comprehensive solutions that can scale and adapt to company needs and market demands.


Telephony: UCaaS/CCaaS, Internet, SD-WAN

Your Connection to the World

Despite wide adoption of cloud-based communication and networking technologies, many companies still depend on traditional infrastructure deployments.


Operational Efficiencies

People, Processes and Technology Cost Optimization

Businesses grow over time, and as such, make decisions on people, processes, and technology at various stages to continue that growth. With growth comes the need to drive innovation, gain market share and mitigate risk.


Venues: 5G, CBRS, WiFi-6, DAS, Towers

Wireless Transformation: Imagine the Possibilities

The wireless world is deploying what is poised to be the most significant transformation the industry has seen since the iPhone. 5G is going to change the mobility landscape by offering high capacity, high availability, and extremely low latency wireless connectivity.


Focused Expertise
- We are IT industry thought leaders that deliver exceptional results.

Higher Standards
- We raise the accountability bar for service providers.

- We will always do the right thing and expect others to do the same.

- We insist that trust, honesty, and transparency be the foundation for our client relationships.

Indispensable Value
- We will eliminate waste in the IT Budget, you keep the savings and it costs you nothing to utilize us.