Cloud – Platform, Infrastructure, Software and Security

Securely Access any Application from anywhere at any Time with any Device


The explosive growth of connected devices and data consumption is driving the need to reconsider how data is being handled, processed, and delivered. Business want their focus to be on acquiring customers and developing products and services that create value. Employees need to be able to access applications securely from any connected device located anywhere with confidence. Traditional networking infrastructure and designs may not be optimized for cloud consumption. Figuring out how to evolve the corporate data center and integrate edge computing and cloud platforms can be challenging to navigate. Caliber is here to help!
There are 3 key considerations with Cloud and Cloud Migrations:

1. Solution – Applications identified for migration based on business and technical factors determine the type of cloud solution: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service or Software as a Service.

2. Environment – to host the solution: Public, Private, Hybrid or Multi-Cloud

3. Access – How do you want to access the migrated applications, Public of Private IP?

Key areas we help with

  • Security, SOCs, Next Generation Cloud Firewalls
  • Hyperscale Platforms: Azure, AWS, Google
  • O365
  • Data Center and Colocation
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Edge Computing
  • Filesharing and Storage
  • Virtual Desktop or Desktop as a Service (VDI or DaaS)
  • Network Operations as a Service (NOCaaS)
  • Cloud Native Applications
  • Cloud Management